Contact Extension for Typ 4 devices


  • Activation optionally with one or two channels
  • LED indicator for both channel status
  • Plainest top hat rail mounting
  • 3 positive-guided undelayed safety contacts
  • In conjunction with ULVT/ULCT, BLVT/BLCT and FPSC
  • For safety related applications up to cat. 4 ref. EN 954-1
  • Safe contact expander module

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Function description 

The safe expander module FSEM expands an existing circuit. As the output relays are monitored with the base unit feedback loop it is possible to reach the same safety level to the contact expander module. Base units can be all safety devices with a monitored
feedback loop. Fiessler Elektronik offers the safety light curtains series ULVT, ULCT and BLVT, BLCTas well as the programmable safety controller FPSC. It is possible to realise application up to cat. 4 ref. EN 954-1. The achievable category is depending on the base unit and the electrical connection

Operating mode 
Input circuit
Single channel
Dual channel
Base unit:
Safety relay
Base unit:
Safety light curtains series ULVT and BLVT
Base unit:
Programmable safety controller FPSC
Feedback loop
Single channel
Dual channel
EDM and Ex.x are inputs on the base unit. They are evaluating the feedback loop signal. In case of FPSC we recommend to use the Software block valve monitoring.
technical data 
Supply voltage: UB DC 24V
Switch-on delay: ≤ 20 ms
Switch-off delay: ≤ 15 ms
Measures (without plugs): H: 85,5 mm B: 35 mm T: 58 mm
Operating temperature: 0° C ... 60°C

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