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SINGULAR CONTROLS is a new business unit within the SCHMERSAL group of industrial manufacturing companies. Its purpose is to market our world-proven unique, applicationspecific automation and control components to our North American customers that have successfully solved challenging problems for our international customers.

New product literature for IP65, IP67 and IP69 Series K Industrial Joy Sticks

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IP69K-Rated Panel Mounted Control Devices

SINGULAR’s initial offerings are our award winning* N Series of IP69K-rated control units (pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches) that feature:

  • seals tolerant to high-pressure (up to 1,450 psi) and/or high-temperature steam/water (up to 80°C) washdowns
  • front-panel surfaces designed to prevent the accumulation of process substances and the subsequent growth of bacteria
  • seals also tolerant to UV and Ozone
    By design, and choice of sealing material, the N Series is ideally-suited for use in the food processing, medical and pharmaceutical industries. In addition, they are ideal for outdoor applications such as construction equipment, all-terrain vehicles, portable instruments, and marine applications.

All models are UL-listed and CSA-certified, and satisfy the stringent requirements of IEC EN 60947-5-1, IEC EN 60947-5-5, and ISO EN 13850 (soon to replace EN418).

push buttons

A number of special design features and properties make this range of control devices and indicator lights suitable for the following applications:
  • All models meet IP69K sealing requirements ... tolerate high-temperature (up to 120 degrees C) steam or water washdowns at pressures up to 1,500 psi.
  • All models are also tolerant to UV rays and Ozone ... normally damaging to rubber seals.
  • Ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical, meat packaging, medical, marine, automotive, construction equipment, and portable instruments.
  • Each meets the requirements of EN 1672-2: 2004 and ISO 14159.
  • Standard 22.5 mm design (with optional 30 mm installation adapter).
  • Designed to prevent the accumulation of dirt and/or bacteria
  • Designed for easy cleaning.
  • Screw terminal (or optional WAGO cage clamp) terminations.
  • Range of installation accessories ... lockable selection switch covers, 30 mm adapter plates and incandescent lamp options.
pilot lights

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