Pressroom Electronics
Pressroom Electronics Stop Time Meter
Semelex II Brake Performance Tester or Stop Time Meter
  • Ruggedized Auto-Hand - Built for pressrooms, it will release a run button or push an E-Stop button to initiate press stop when signaled by the position/velocity transducer.
  • Redesigned Auto-Flag - Connects to the Auto-Hand and is positioned outside the sensing field of personnel safety devices. It initiates press stop by interrupting the sensing zone at a present point in the stroke to check stop time. Heavy-Duty Position/Velocity Transducer Industrial grade magnets for secure mounting to base and upper bolster. It provides accurate direction, position and velocity signals to the meter for testing press strokes up to 49."
  • Quick-Charge Battery - The unit's built-in battery can be fully recharged in eight hours, or can run off of AC power. You can not over-charge the battery, and a charge indicator signals you when the battery is low.
  • Two Safetimeters in One - The same unit can be used to check full or part revolution clutch presses.

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