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STTS Brochure
STTS Safety Mat SystemT

The STTS (Soft Tactile Transducer Sensor) Safety Mat System is a technological paradigm in the field of presence-contact sensing/pressure sensitive safety mat systems.

This revolutionary mat system is a hybrid design that combines features to meet and surpass both domestic and international safety standards. Through its advanced technology and state-of-the-art design features, the STTS Safety Mat System sets a new World Class Standard for the mat detection industry.

NSD Brochure

NSD (New Switching Device) Safety Mat Break through NSD (New Switching Device) technology provides digital (on/off) switching for safety mat applications

High-Temp Non-Skid Safety Mat

Pinnacle Systems has released a high-temp non-skid safety mat for use in harsh environments such as robotic welding and hot forging applications.

The mats can have irregular cuts, contours, notches or wiring locations to accommodate specific welding cell layouts. The maximum size of one mat is 72" wide x 144" long and can be made into any configuration. We also have a full line of controllers for machine interface and diagnostics.

Warning: Machine safety products sold by Manufacturing Solutions are Safety components only.

The purchaser/installer is solely responsible for the application of these components and ensuring all necessary steps have been taken to assure each application and use meets all performance and applicable safety requirements and/or local, national and/or international safety codes as required by the application. Manufacturing Solutions cannot certify that our products used solely or in conjunction with other Manufacturing Solutions or other vendors products will assure safety for any application.

Any person using or applying any products sold by Manufacturing Solutions is responsible for learning the safety requirements for their individual application and applying them, and therefore assumes all risks, and accepts full and complete responsibility for the selection and suitability of the product for their respective application.

Manufacturing Solutions does not provide design or consulting services, and cannot advise whether any specific application or use of our products would ensure compliance with the safety requirements for any application.


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