Rees Safety Electrical Control Switches
Rees Safety Electrical Control Switches 30.5mm Control Units

The selection and use of a switch involves knowing the details of the particular installation. These control units are offered as pushbutton operators (4 styles), two, three, and four position selector operators (3 styles each), push-pull units (4 styles), an illuminated pushbutton and a variety of lockable devices.

These devices will meet NEMA 12/13 requirements when properly installed in an appropriate enclosure. Each style of pushbutton operator comes in a variety of colors. The selector switch styles are knob, wing lever, and key operated. There are a number of different cams available to customize any installation.

The seven standard contact blocks are modular in design and almost any combination is possible up to the recommended limit of three tiers of blocks on any operator. This recommendation is made to reduce the effects of standard tolerance deviation and ensure the devices will not produce intermittent operations.

Also included in this section are pilot lights, lenses, and legend plates. The pilot lights are offered in two mounting configurations, 30.5mm and 18.0mm. The inputs to the lights range from 12vDC to 120vAC.

Also, many of the pilot lights have built in transformers and/or miniature relays to provide any circuit compatibility.


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