Uticor Marquee


Electronic scoreboards or led displays have never been more affordible or easier to integrate into your industrial setting. The powermarquee includes key features such as comprehensive connectivity options such as communication with AB, Modicon, GE, Profibus, DH+ and more. All LED's are matched for uniform brightness and the heavy duty nature of the units are backed up by a 2 year warranty. 

Uitcor Marquee

Plant engineers, process engineers, quality engineers, and plant managers today, all want a plant wide visualization system that displays production data, reject data, uptime/downtime data, as well as messages that can be seen hundreds of feet away by all team members.

Many plants hesitate to install marquees as the implementation of a marquee system can be cost prohibitive (Typical implementation cost including software is 2-3 times the hardware costs). Now, Uticor has introduced a Smart marquee called the PowerMarquee, which has revolutionized the application of marquees on the plant floor. Earlier it took a minimum of two man weeks of software time as well as change or addition of new hardware to implement a new marquee.

Uticor Maquee
The Smart PowerMarquee from Uticor cuts down the implementation cost to hours instead of weeks.
It has not only the smarts of a data acquisition system, it has even a built in PLC if needed.

Uticor Marquee
For those applications where a control network already exists, for example DH+, Remote I/O, Control Net, Profibus, CC Link, Ethernet IP, etc. all you have to do is to connect the marquee to the network. No change in ladder logic required, and no change in any hardware is needed. All you do is: program the PowerMarquee using our windows based editor, in minutes. The PowerMarquee is capable of monitoring any tag/control variables/registers inside the control network on any PLC, and generating corresponding messages. In addition, it can collect data and analyze data. It has a powerful math engine that is capable of even calculating and displaying CpK values of a process.

EASY as 1-2-3!!!

Proven to be two orders of magnitude easier and faster than any other marquee programming software available on the market today.

Uticor is the leading supplier of rugged industrial marquees throughout the world. In fact it is the design and construction of our marquee that has earned Uticor the reputation of "Built like a tank" or "Uticor Tough", and allowed us to offer an unprecedented 4 yr warranty. Unlike some of our competition, Uticor marquees have 5x7 dot matrix characters instead of 5x5.

Uticor Marquee
Uticor Marquee
Even available with built-in PLC!
For applications where it may not be convenient to access a PLC, the Smart PowerMarquee can utilize a 38 I/O built-in PLC to receive inputs from proximity sensors, limit switches, encoders, as well as temperature and pressure sensors, etc. In fact , The PowerMarquee has the brains of a TouchPLC built inside






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