Rees Safety Electrical Control Switches
Rees Safety Electrical Control Switches Supplimental Industrial Switches

The selection and use of a switch involves knowing the details of the particular installation. The cylindrical pushbutton units are offered in three different styles. They are available with a zinc, brass, or plastic outer shell.

Plunger colors include zinc, black, red, or green plastic. Large or small body diameters are offered. The machine limit switches, with their zinc die cast housings, are available with right or left hand operation and also with or provided with a sheet steel enclosure.

The slow make-slow break single circuit cylindrical pushbuttons are rated "Standard Duty" B300/P300. There are ten styles that are normally closed contacts. The small limit switches are all two circuit devices with one normally open and one normally closed contact.

They are snap action mechanism that cannot be teased. The large limit switch also has a snap action mechanism and has two normally open and two normally closed sets of contacts.


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