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Prime Controls manufactures Double Sheet and Blank Detectors for the metal industry.

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DS101 Single Probe Double Metal Sheet Detector

Prime’s Model DS101 Single Probe Double Metal Sheet Detector is used in difficult locations where sensing is possible only on one side. Functionally the same as Prime’s Model DS100, the Model DS101 is totally enclosed in a IP65 rated polycarbonate enclosure ready to install without any additional enclosure necessary. It detects ferrous metals over a thickness range of .05 mm to 1.5 mm (.002” to .060” ). The DS101 measures the change in field strength as metal passes near it’s magnetically charged probe face. A new sensing element in the probe increases magnetic sensitive and improves stability compared to other brands. To calibrate, simply insert a sheet in front of the probe and push the calibrate button. The detector automatically sets the reject threshold above the single sheet reading.

It’s SPDT contact relay de-energizes if a double is detected, power is lost or a probe failure is detected. One additional PNP transistor output turns on when each single is detected. This single output is applied to a good sheet counter, jam detector or last sheet detect circuit. The Model DS101 detector has fault detection that immediately analyzes any problem and operates a blinking Green LED code that directs the operator or maintenance department to the problem.

Single Probe - Double Metal Sheet Detector


  • Thickness range .05 mm to 1.5 mm (“.002 to .060”) provides flexibility for a broad range of thickness applications and metals.

  • Quick response to doubles in 3 mS to 21 mS

  • Automatically identifies probe type and selects the reject level for metal

  • Push-button calibration instantaneously sets reject threshold and adjusts signal for metal

  • Warns by alternately blinking lights for error and probe failure, fail safe output

  • Power is configurable to 120 or 240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz for international application

  • Quick connect terminals for fast replacement and to reduce downtime

  • Output contacts @10 AMPS/240VAC, 8 AMPS/24VDC, 20 million operations

  • Enclosed in IP65 Polycarbonate box with full front viewing window



Model DS101



Power Input:

Configurable 120 Volts Amax or 240 Volts AC Max, 50 to 60 Hz, 300 mA operating load

Output Response < 10 mSec.
Outputs: SPDT contact relay Double detected, NC closed Max. load 10 Amps @ 240 V ac, 8 Amps @ 24 V dc ½ HP @ 240 V ac
Single Present Output: PNP transistor Nothing detected single = 24 V dc nothing = 0 V dc load source 24 Volts, 100mA max.
Output Fail-safe: Contact goes to double condition. PNP changes to nothing condition. Flashing indicators sequence code identify problems.
Metal Sensitivity: Ferrous metal, steel, tinplate Thickness range: 04 mm to 1.5 mm (.002” to .060”)
Calibration: Push-button switch with single sheet
Sample Indicators: Green for single, amber for double, green blinking probe is bad or disconnected
External Inputs: Calibrate & output latched reset
Sensor Operation: Permanent magnetic flux field is shunted across sensor poles by the thickness of metal. Maximum thickness is limited by the diameter of the probe. The chart below provides a range for each probe.

Single Side Double Detector Probes

Probe Model
Probe Diameter

Breakaway Force

Min. Thickness
Max. Thickness
18 mm (.7")
13 lb.
.04 mm (.0015")
.4 mm (.015")
30 mm (1.18")
20 lb.
.1 mm (.004")
1.0 mm (.040")
36 mm (1.85")
30 lb.
.15 mm (.006")
1.5 mm (.060")
Shear force is approximately 10% of Breakaway Force





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