Scrap Management Systems for Metalforming

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Mayfran has years of experience providing solutions for managing metalforming scrap. Hundreds of major stamping facilities around the world utilize Mayfran equipment for its outstanding reliability and long life. With the addition of Press Room Techniques’ Shuffle Drive systems, we can provide automated engineering solutions from press-to-loadout, handling nearly any scrap management challenge while reducing labor costs and forklift traffic.

Shuffle Drive Systems

With the proven reliability of the Shuffle Drive system, even in the most demanding stamping environments, you will experience significant gains in uptime and throughput, reducing your operating costs and freeing up capacity. With systems typically yielding a payback on your investment in less than a year, you can quickly enhance your competitiveness in the challenging metalforming market.

Central Conveyor Systems

With a long history of providing robust solutions to some of the largest stamping operations in the world, Mayfran specializes in providing turnkey scrap management systems based on hinged steel belt and shuffle conveyors. Incorporating several features designed to ensure high reliability and long life, our systems deliver outstanding automated scrap transport for years while keeping your operating costs low.

Scrap Loadout Systems

With innovative designs for easy automation and precise level control, loadout systems from Mayfran help optimize your scrap container usage, saving on transportation costs and allowing you to focus your efforts on what you do best.



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