Recycling and Solid Waste Systems

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From scrapyards to material recovery facilities to incinerators, Mayfran offers a range of proven solutions for handling solid waste and recyclables, including infeed conveyors to balers and shredders, swiveling conveyors for scrap from shares, sorting systems for material recovery facilities, and ash-handling conveyor systems. With a reputation for durability and reliability, Mayfran is the choice for demanding solid waste and recycling operations.

Baler and Shredder Infeed Conveyors

Infeed conveyors for balers, shredders, or other recycling process equipment from Mayfran are designed to be reliable and durable, lasting as long as your facility. With over a thousand systems installed worldwide, Mayfran has long enjoyed a reputation for performance in this demanding application.

Swiveling Conveyors for Scrapyards

With over 30 years of experience in providing solutions for handing scrap from shears to hundreds of scrapyards around the world, Mayfran is a proven leader in high reliability systems.  Our robust swiveling conveyor designs help evenly distribute the scrap output from shears of up to 1200 tons.

MRF Sorting Systems

No matter what types of materials you are recovering – from high-grade paper to commingled recyclables – you can count on Mayfran to provide a proven solution to your sorting system needs.  From manual to automatic, single-stream to separated, Mayfran has experience providing solutions built around our industry-leading conveyors and incorporating advanced separation technologies.

Ash Conveyor Systems

Mayfran steel belt conveyors have been successfully used for years in demanding ash-handling applications, including municipal solid waste, biomass, and hazardous waste incineration.



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