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With an industry-leading array of chip and coolant management solutions for your machine tool, Mayfran offers systems that meet nearly any machining challenge. Our relationship with most major machine tool producers provides access to machine designs and an ability to quickly provide a tailored solution fit to your needs. Mayfran offers systems for both new equipment and aftermarket replacements and upgrades.

Chip Conveyors
Mayfran is a global leader in chip conveyors for machine tools, with a wide range of options serving nearly any material and coolant type and material removal rate. Chip conveyors allow you to extend the period between tank cleanouts from daily (when using chip trays) to as long as quarterly, reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime.

1 Conveyors with Filtration
Since the introduction of the ConSep® conveyor in 1995, Mayfran has set the standard for advanced coolant cleaning at the machine. Magnetic separator/conveyors handle challenging cast iron and other ferrous metal applications requiring coolant cleanliness. Both systems offer extended tank cleanout periods compared to chip conveyors, decreasing the frequency from quarterly to as long as annually.

Chip Conveyor Accessories
To create a complete chip and coolant management system at the machine tool in a compact package, high-pressure coolant systems and coolant cleaning options can be integrated with the chip conveyor or coolant tank. This approach offers significant advantages in floor space and ease of implementation compared with stand-alone systems from multiple vendors, and can significantly boost your machining productivity and quality.


Local Filtration Systems
With a broad range of solutions suitable for oils or emulsions and all types of materials and processes, we can meet the demand for even greater levels of coolant cleanliness through local filtration systems.  Supporting machine-tool or cellular-level operation, these designs meet increasing customer demands for outstanding work piece quality through coolant performance.



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