Herion Fluid Control Valves
Soft Seal
  • Proven, patented design offering high flow, bubble tight construction for demanding inline applications.

  • Lightweight one-piece spool is wear compensating, pressure loaded "T" seal system, which provides millions of trouble free cycles on non-lubricated air. This one-piece spool makes up the spare parts kit, no o-rings to lose.

  • Bar stock housings ensure consistency, spool bores are ECM finished and anodized.

  • Flexible operator system -- low watt, I.S. and exp solenoids

  • Class F, 140°F ambient standard

  • Poppet Valves
  • High speed 3/2 - 1/2" through 2"

  • Large, 4mm, pilot orifice - ruby seat provides millions of cycles

  • Lightweight, guided piston assembly ensures positive shut off

  • Class F, Nema 4 solenoid - 140°F ambient

  • Nema 4, 7, 9 class H available

  • ISO 5599-1 Valves
  • Sizes one through three built to 5599-1 standard

  • Outfitted with Nituff® metal spool and sleeve assembly.

  • Built in flow controls on size 1 and 2.

  • CNOMO 230 psi pilot and coil systems are available.

  • All configurations operate on non-lubricated or lubricated air.

  • Manifold system allows modification with no special tools.

  • Mini ISO Valves
  • Designed to comply with ISO 15407-1 standards

  • Engineered to offer two unique spool systems.

  • Nituff® coated, precision matched aluminum spool - 100 million cycles min.

  • Elastomer fitted series offers more flow, lest cost and 2 3 ways per valve.

  • Manifolds offer threaded or built in fitting connections.

  • Full range of accessories include regulators and flow controls

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