single safety beam

  • Eding machines
  • Pedestrian entries
  • Insertion machines
  • Processing centers
  • Horizontal safeguarding
  • Storage safeguarding
  • Robotic areas
  • Narrow passage safeguarding
  • Doors and gates
  • Entrance to proccessing center

The single-beam photoelectric safe control described herein fulfills the highest safety regulations. (Safety class 4 i.a.w. EN 954).
An EEC prototype certification i.a.w. with the guidelines 89/329/EWG; 91/368/EWG, appendix VI, was issued by TÜV Rheinland.

  • Universal mounting
  • Mounting options at 5 sides
  • Adjusting help light emitting diodes (reserve and contamination indicator)
  • Compact housing
  • Large ranges to 100 m
  • Waterproof, protective system IP 65
  • Response time only 12 ms
  • During detour over mirrors the current supply is required only on one side. This design is available for ranges to 100 m.
Function description 

The EU2K system consists of a light transmitter and a light receiver.
The transmitter transmits invisible, infrared chopped light.
The receiver consists of an optic for beam focusing and a secondary amplifier. A carrier frequency generator creates a second fixed frequency which is modulated with the transmitter frequency. Upon interruption of the protective field, the signal is interrupted.
The switch position is indicated by an LED.
The assessment Elektronik built into the receiver creates two antivalent signals which are led to a sequential safety circuit consisting of four contactors only. In addition, all Fiessler LSUW control-units offered or a safe PLC can be used.

Technical data 
Operating voltages:
230V AC / 24V DC plug link
optionally 24V DC / 24V DC
Ambient temperature:
-10 °C to 55 °C

Antivalent transistor outputs, short circuit proof;
max. Current on contact 500mA; Response time 12ms

Protective system:
IP 65
The analysis of the light barrier signals takes place via LSUW control-units, a safe SPS or a safe sequential circuit consisting of only four contactors.
250 kB
930 kB
Operating instructins
500 kB
Beschreibung der Mutingfunktion im Bereich der Unfallschutzlichtschranken

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