Safety foot pedal

The pedal FS2-528-ZSD4-U use safety switches. The left foot actuator have two positions (free position and pressed down position), it can be used , for example, to drive the dangerous movement back (for instance get up of a press brake tool etc…). The right foot actuator have 3 positions, with a hard point, to control dangerous movements (for instance get down of a press brake ect…).

It has 4 working contacts ( 2NC+2NO) to drive the movement and a block of 2 safety switches (1 positively driven NC contact + 1NO) to stop the movement. Pressing on the right foot actuator, till the hard point, allows the changeover of the 4 working contacts.

Once the hard point is got over, the 4 working contacts return to their first position and the 2 contacts block is activated in order to stop immediately the dangerous movement. Then it would be possible to drive one more time the movement after the right foot actuator is completely loosed. This function allows to stop immediately the machine even if the operator is carried along in front by the dangerous movement.

Technical Data
Housing: Die cast aluminium AL Si 12 - paint colour grey like RAL 7001
Cover/protective hood: Die cast Aluminium AL Si 12 - paint colour red like RAL 3000
Foot actuator: Reinforced thermoplastic PA 6.6 - black
Service temperature: -30°C à +70°C
Mechanical service life 106 operations min
Cable entry: PG13,5 ( It is recommended to fixe the cable with one cable gland )
Product name
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Appliance description Safety foot pedal(1 Pedal)
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Appliance description Safety foot pedal(2 Pedal)

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