AKAS Muting System
  • Muting signal according to safety class 4
  • Integrated overrun traverse measuring
  • No change of hydraulics necessarily

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Description of Function
The AMS provides the muting signal according to safety class 4 and the control signals for the AKAS.
It measures and evaluates speed, traverse and direction of the closing and opening movement
of the press. Furthermore, it can carry out the overrun traverse control during the first stroke of the
The AMS is especially designed for retrofitting certain older presses that do not have any
work speed valves or position monitoring.
The AMS verifies the nature of the movement of the machine. For this purpose, there are incremental
magnetic metal tapes on the left and on the right hand side of the moving part of the press. Each of
them is scanned by a magnetic sensor.

Magnetic tapes with a Magnetic tape sensors
Included in delivery
Switch gear AMS
Magnetic sensor with 5m cable
Magnetic sensor with 10m cable
Magnetic tape lenght 1m(2x 0,5m) for a maximum stroke traverse of 468mm.(longer magnetic tapes are optionally available)

order code: AKAS Muting System with integrated overrun traverse measuring: AMS/N
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