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Smart-PAK Series

The Smart-PAK was first introduced in 1991, Entertron's first micro PLC. It started off as an inexpensive way to replace a handful of relays, timers and counters. That was more than sufficent when we first introduced the Smart-PAK.

As applications became more and more sophisticated, customers began asking for analog capabilites for pressure transducers, variable frequency drives, etc...

To address that need, in 1996, Entertron introduced the Smart-PAK PLUS, the industries first micro PLC with 12 bit analog. We started off with capabilities for up to 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.



The SK1600-RIC is the successor to Entertron's SK1600-R programmable logic controller, first introduced in 1985. This product has been continually improved during its 15+ year history.

A wide variety of applications, from Radio Frequency Remote controls to Dock Levelers, confirm that the versatility and performance are unquestionable. No small or micro PLCs from our competitors use a Form C relay or offer the current driving capabilities that the SK1600-RIC does.


The Elite-2000 is the successor of Entertron's SK1600 solid state programmable logic controller. One of the industries first small controllers. Over 20 years of application history comes with the Elite-2000 through the SK1600.

The design has been proven many times. Reliability is second to none. The triac/transistor design offers the performance of a mechanical relay and the reliability of solid state.

No other triac or transistor output in the industry compares. What makes the design reliable is the added protection designed into the controller. Each output is optically isolated.

Each output also has its own MOV (for AC) or diode (for DC) for noise supression and a fuse to protect the controller. With other PLCs, you are required to add this protection. With Entertron's Elite-2000, it is built in.


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