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The Safety Laser Scanner, LS30, is a compact electro-sensitive protection device. It is designed for the safety of persons working at machines and other equipment which execute dangerous movements. Some typical areas of use are horizontal and vertical safe-guarding of a working area in or near dangerous equipment or machinery, or on an automated guided vehicle.

The Safety Laser Scanner LS30-4015CAS01 has 4 warning and 4 protection fields. The warning and protection fields are configured via a PC or laptop and are transmitted via an RS 232 serial interface to the scanner. During configuration the user is supported by a Windows-based user-friendly configuration software.

For the selection of the warning and protection fields there are 4 static control inputs.

The system plug-in connector has a special memory where all configuration data is saved. When, in case of servicing, the scanner must be exchanged, the configuration data is automatically transmitted to the new scanner when the system plug-in connector is engaged.
The configuration can also be stored on a data medium (floppy disk, CD, hard disk, etc).
If an object or person enters the configured protection field, the safety outputs are switched off.

The safety laser scanner LS30 operates by measuring the duration of light travel. In the operation mode the LS30 emits continuous short light pulses. If the beam encounters an object, it is reflected and received by the laser scanner. From the time difference between transmission and receiving point, and the known angle information, the distance and position of the object are calculated. The sensing range of the laser scanner comprises a sector of 190 degrees.

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Standards: EN 61496-1/-3
Range: Protection zone: 4 m radius; Warning zone: 49 m radius; Monitoring area: 49 m
Scanning angle: 190°
Angle resolution: max. 0.25°; min. 0.50°
Response time: 60 ms
Light source: laser diode
Light emission wavelength: 905 nm
Laser protection class: 1
Configuration: configuration software SCS
Operating voltage Ue: 24 VDC
Outputs: 2 safe solid state outputs, short-circuit proof; 3 not safe signalling outputs
Dimensions: 185 x 155 x 160 mm
Weight: 3,3 kg
Connection: 30 pin system connector
Ambient temperature: – 10 °C … + 50 ºC
Protection class: IP 65 to IEC/EN 60529
Number of warning zones: 4
Number of protection zones: 4
Serial interface: RS 232

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