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Rope Operated Switch (HEAVY DUTY - A600 / N300), 3lb Trip Force, 03221-000

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This switch is a low force slack cable style with ‘Slow-Make’ - ‘Slow-Break’ and ‘Snap Action’ contacts. This switch is not recommended for use as an Emergency Stop switch. The switch is basically a push button device operated through a nickel plated operating lever attached to the cover. Care must be taken when choosing and installing the operating rope because the low operating forces can be easily overcome and the switch will not trip or reset properly. The open style switch must be secured to a suitable enclosure. One enclosure suggestion is Rees number 02765-000.  A sealing gasket and four mounting screws are supplied with each switch. Each captive terminal will accept (2) # 14 AWG stranded wires. The silver composite contacts are gold plated to eliminate high resistance tarnishing. The life of this switch is in excess of 1,000,000 mechanical operations. This low force switch can be used for door control, signal devices, automation systems and warning devices etc. The maximum recommended rope (not supplied) length is 33 feet with a maximum interval support of 10 feet when horizontal.

WARNING:  Before purchasing this product, read MSI'S Safety Component Disclaimer.

Trip Force: 3lb
Operation Type: Momentary Slow-Make/Slow-Break
Operating Force Between 10ft Supports: 0.4lb
Contact Arrangement: #10 2NO
NEMA, UL IP Class: 12/13 IP65

Electrical Ratings
"HEAVY DUTY - A600 / N300”
Listed under UL 508 - File # E 58589
Certified under CSA C22.2 - File # LR 3648
CE Compliant IEC/EN 60947-5-1

Environmental Temperature Range
Operating: +32°F to +131°F (0°C to +55°C)
Storage: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Note: Operating temperatures at 0°C are based on the absence of freezing moisture and liquids.