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Rope Operated Switch, Maintained (A600 / N150)

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Contact Arrangement

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These switches are a slack cable style with Slow-Make - Slow-Break contacts. The switches are not ‘Positive Break’ or ‘Positive Transfer.’ These devices should NOT be used for any Emergency Stop application. The function of these switches is such that a device that is listed as NO uses a NC contact Block which is held open by a spring in the switch body. Pulling of the ring eye collapses that spring, allowing the Contact Block to close and actuate the circuit it is connected to. Releasing of the rope then allows the spring to expand thereby opening the contacts. The reverse is true for a NC listed switch. The contact cavity of the switch has provision for the addition of one more contact block. Each captive terminal on the replaceable contact block will accept (2) #14 AWG stranded wires and the contacts are gold plated to eliminate high resistance tarnishing. The life of these switches is in excess of 1,000,000 mechanical operations. The maintained style requires that resetting take place at the switch so access must be considered when installing it. The housing and cover are molded from high impact glass-filled polycarbonate plastic.The NEMA/UL/IP classification (Raintight) allows these switches to be used outside. The maximum recommended rope (not supplied) length is 33 feet with a maximum interval support of 10 feet when horizontal. Switches are provided with three 1/2" NPT conduit openings.

WARNING:  Before purchasing this product, read MSI'S Safety Component Disclaimer.

NEMA, UL IP Class:  4 (Raintight) IP66
Trip Force: 12 lb
Operating Force Between 10ft Supports: 1.4 lb

Electrical Ratings
"HEAVY DUTY - A600 / N150”
Listed under UL 508 - File # E 58589
Certified under CSA C22.2 - File # LR 3648
Third party certified under DEMKO File # FI-17205
Environmental Temperature Range
Operating: +32°F to +131°F (0°C to +55°C)
Storage: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Note: Operating temperatures at 0°C are based on the absence of freezing moisture and liquids.

Contact blocks are field replaceable