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Rees Cable/Rope Operated Switches with Broken Cable Detection and Indicator Light

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The following switches are ”taut cable” style with positive break and positive transfer features which make them particularly competent for Emergency Stop applications as well as ordinary circuit control.

They are only offered in manual reset configuration with 2 NO + 2 NC gold plated contacts. The housing is made from high quality die-cast aluminum and painted with a yellow dry powder paint. Set-up position is easily attained without removal of the cover. Cable is stretched tightly until shaft end is flush with indicator hub end. Switch will trip and latch if the cable breaks, comes loose or is pulled. Blue booted reset button is pushed to reset contacts back to their normal operating configuration. These switches have been designed to reduce “nuisance tripping” from cable expansion and stretch often associated with taut cable switches.

The mounting pattern coincides with other standard REES cable switches. Additional mounting holes are provided to match competitive devices. Direction of pull is field convertible except part numbers 04962-101 & -201 due to use of tamper resistance screws for cover attachment. Three 1/2" NPT conduit openings are provided. Maximum recommended cable length is 200 feet with a maximum interval support of 10 feet. These switches are available pre-wired with 10 or 12 pin connectors and red 24 volt indicator lights as listed below. The maximum mechanical life of these devices is 250,000 operations.

These switches are typically found on process applications such as conveyors, transfer machines or assembly lines within the automotive, machine tool, foundry and pharmaceutical industries. Switches are rated NEMA 12/13; IP 65. Their rugged construction and long term reliability make them well suited to function within various industrial environments and pharmaceutical industries.

WARNING:  Before purchasing this product, read MSI'S Safety Component Disclaimer.

Trip Force:  52 lb.
Operating Force Between 10ft Supports: 15 lb.

Electrical Ratings
"HEAVY DUTY - A600 / N300”
CSA-US (File LR 3648)
Certified under CSA C22.2 - File # LR 3648
CE Compliant IEC/EN 60947-5-1
Certified under UL/NISD File E357870, Sec. 2

Environmental Temperature Range
Operating: +32°F to +131°F (0°C to +55°C)
Storage: -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Note: Operating temperatures at 0°C are based on the absence of freezing moisture and liquids.

Contact assemblies are not field replaceable