Superior Safety Technology

The magnet safety switch systems, by COMITRONIC-BTI, have a patented solid-state process-coded construction that provides the highest security and safety possible.

These coded magnet safety switches have no moving parts. This is a clear advantage over mechanical interlock switches and magnet reed switch interlocks which may stick, wear out and become damaged by misalignment.

Moreover, COMITRONIC-BTI offers both standard magnet safety switches, and autonomous magnet safety switches that avoid the cost and complication of switch monitoring modules.

COMITRONIC-BTI is a French manufacturer of multi-code non-contact safety switches and safety modules for industrial machines, especially for dangerous ones. From its creation in 1994, BTI has always offered innovating products to its customers.

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Product list: AMX series SAFETY SWITCH & SAFETY SENSOR, 

    • Safety Switch stand alone
    • Safety Switch used with safety relay
    • Safety Switch steel stainless INOX316L
    • Safety Switch magnetic holding
    • Safety Switch high temperature
    • Safety Switch plugged in Series
    • Safety Switch for double doors

COMITRONIC-BTI switches can reach category from 1 to 4 (depending on the models) according to EN954-1 without safety modules.

  • simple access control : level 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • a switch which can be totally cleaned by a high pressure nozzle
  • a switch which can function through stainless steel, aluminium or plastic walls upto 6mm thick,
  • a switch where the T-square and the cable are integrated
  • a switch with a connector output IP67 – a switch capable of switching 2A
  • a switch with a signalling LED that does not limit the number of switches that can be connected in series,
  • a switch with an identifiable engraved marking
  • a switch with a working distance and hysteresis which do not change from one product to the next or from the temperature variations
  • a switch which can be mounted on sliding doors
  • a unique switch on a double door – anti-tamper electronic double decoding.

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