Mayfran Chip Conveyors


Mayfran hinge belt chip conveyors are recognized for reliable and efficient handling of chips from machine tools. Tank cleanout frequency can be extended from as often as daily with chip trays to weekly to quarterly with chip conveyors, giving significant reductions in labor costs and machine downtime. Using a hinged steel belt conveyor, Mayfran chip conveyors easily handle hot chips, wet or dry chips, borings, turnings and other scrap material.
    • A range of belt pitches to fit most machine tool applications
    • Proven roller block design for longer chain life
    • Robust overload protection for drive to extend motor life
    • Hardened component option available for applications involving abrasive materials


Drag conveyors (also called scraper conveyors) are well suited for applications with dry cast iron or wet cast iron or aluminum applications generating fine chips where coolant cleanliness is not critical. Custom-designed to fit the application, our drag conveyors can be extended to lengths as required for moving material short or long distances. Using a simple chain design with spaced cross bars acting as scrapers, they pull material across a smooth flat bed.

Longer drag conveyor solutions are available for central chip handling requirements or for infeed to chip processing solutions.



CleanSweep-RM conveyors are the best general purpose chip conveyor available utilizing proven cleaning technology for effective chip handling and removal. The CleanSweep-RM offers a reduced maintenance alternative to a basic hinge belt conveyor

  • Cleans coolant to 250 micron nominal
  • Handles all types of chips and turnings
  • Increased machine up-time
  • Reduced coolant tank maintenance
  • Extended coolant, pump and tooling life
  • Compact design to fit almost any machine tool and coolant tank
  • Easy retrofit to any original chip conveyor

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