Mayfran Chip and Coolant Handling



Mayfran’s pneumatic chip / swarf conveyors provide for cost-effective collection of scrap from machining operations and transport to a central binning or processing operation.  Available in blowing- or suction-based designs, pneumatic chip conveyors offer reduced labor costs, improved cleanliness, and significantly increased uptime versus manual chip removal activities.  The systems are flexible enough to meet a wide variety of machine tool arrangements, including innovative at-the-tool design for large gantry-type machine tools.

The Vacuum Dynamics® system is configurable with manual or automatic pick-up stations to serve multiple machine tools.  This cost-effective system is particularly well suited for cleaning up around large, open mills, and the overhead piping system provides flexibility for changes in layout or expansion.



Designed for smooth, trouble-free operation, easy installation and maintenance, plus maximum durability for longer service life.

Power-Trof® The versatile Power-Trof® trough-type conveyor effectively conveys loose or bundled metal chips, fines, curls, turnings and strings, as well as coolant, over short or long distances. It can economically handle large or small quantities of swarf.

An efficient series of one-piece, cast iron plows, mounted on a round steel shaft and pushed by a hydraulic cylinder, transports material through the trough by means of reciprocating action. Double-lined trough walls are available where required to avoid coolant leakage.

Power-Trof push bar conveyors are designed for smooth, trouble-free operation, easy installation and maintenance, plus maximum durability for longer service life.


2.5″, 4″, 6″, 9″ STEEL BELT CONVEYOR

Mayfran offers a range of solutions for central chip handling systems based on steel belt, drag, and screw conveyor technology.
Steel belt conveyors are best suited for low coolant content and bushy or broken chips.  Pitch sizes of 2.5” (63mm), 4” (100mm), 6” (150mm), and 9” (225mm) are typically used for chip handling, depending on expected load.  Special designs incorporating dimples, perforations, and reinforcements are available to suit more demanding applications.



Drag conveyors (also called scraper conveyors) are well suited for applications with dry cast iron or wet cast iron or aluminum applications generating fine chips where coolant cleanliness is not critical. Custom-designed to fit the application, our drag conveyors can be extended to lengths as required for moving material short or long distances. Using a simple chain design with spaced cross bars acting as scrapers, they pull material across a smooth flat bed.

Longer drag conveyor solutions are available for central chip handling requirements or for infeed to chip processing solutions.



Screw conveyors are best for metering the chip load into processing equipment, and can handle fine or broken chips as well as bundles up to ~12” (300mm).  Multiple screws are possible for higher chip loads and larger bundles.

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