Mayfran Machine Tool Chip and Coolant Solutions

Mayfran is a global leader in the manufacturing of chip conveyors for machine tools, with a wide variety of options serving nearly any material and coolant type and material removal rate.

Chip conveyors, including drag conveyors, allow you to extend the period between tank cleanouts from daily (when using chip trays) to as long as quarterly, reducing maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Chip Conveyors / Drag Conveyors / Separator Conveyors / Conveyor Accessories

Chip Processors, Shredders and Crushers / Chip Wringers and SWARF  Centrifuges

Chip Handling:  Chip Conveyors based on pneumatic, push-bar, steel belt, drag, or screw conveyor designs

Central Coolant Filtration / Local Filtration Systems / Pump Systems

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