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Tower Sector Lights Simple and practical by design. A totally modular stack light system that requites no tools to assemble. Simply by connecting the base and various light modules, the electrical connection is automatic and complete. Choose from standard incandescent, LED or xenon strobe light modules. A horn module can be added to Tower Sector to fully command attention.

-Modular "No Tools Required" Assembly
-3 Light Module Type Options: Standard Incandescent, LED, or Xenon Strobe
-Continuous or Built-In Flash Modules Available
-Five Interchangeable Lens Colors
-Variable Sound Horn Via Dip Switches Available at Top of Stack or Stand Alone with Base Module
-Full 360 Visibility
-Rotating Beacon Available
-NEMA 4X / IP66
TowerLites Luxor Towerlites are comprised of four individual diameter sizes, each identical in design and function. An audible horn as well as a rotating beacon can be incorporated into the Towerlite stack. Towerlite stack lights also offer a vast array of mounting types and accessories. Combine these features with the choice of sizes, and there is sure to be a Towerlite stack light to fit any application.

-4 Diameter Sizes: 1.77" through 5.35"
-4 Bulb Wattages: 4W, 10W, 25W or 40W
-9 Mounting Types & Accessories
-Maximum 6 Lights High
-6 Interchangeable Colors
-Full 360 Visibility
-Safe, Quick Bulb Replacement
-Available Integrated Horn & Rotating Beacon
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