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Recognized world wide as one of the leading heavy duty industrial product lines, AEG power switching contactors are used worldwide in over 100 countries.



ECX Contactors

Special Purpose 3 & 4 Pole Contactors
ECX18, ECX32, ECX65, ECX95

Type RCEX Reversing AC Contactors


EEC Heavy Duty Industrial
EEC12, EEC18, EEC25, EEC32, EEC40, EEC50, EEC65, EEC80, EEC95, EEC115, EEC150, EEC185, EEC265, EEC330, EEC400, EEC500, EEC630, EEC780

3 Phase EEC Type  Enclosed Contactors
3-30 HP
1000 HP

Type EEC AC Power Contactors 3 & 4 Pole
AC 3-4 pole - 100,005 Amp - EEC 12-32
AC 3-4 pole - 100,000 amp - EEC 40-80
AC 3-4 pole - 500 - 1600 Amp
AC 3-4 pole - 225 - 500 Amp
AC 3-4 pole - 100 - 225 Amp

Reversing Contactors
REEC12, REEC18, REEC25, REEC32, REEC40, REEC50, REEC65, REEC80, REEC95, REEC115, REEC150, REEC185, REEC265, REEC330, REEC400

REEC 3 Phase Reversing Contactors  
1000 HP
10 - 30 HP


AEG High Performance Contactors

Type LS-K 3 Pole (Open Type) Contactors
LS4K, LS5K, LS7K, LS11K, LS15K, LS18K, LS22K, LS30K, LS37K, LS45K, LS55K, LS75K, LS90K, LS110K, LS132K, LS160K, LS220K, LS280K, LS375K, LS450K

Type LS-K 3 Pole (Enclosed Type) Contactors

Type LS-K 4Pole Contactor
Size 00 - 2
Size 3-5

LS-K Technical Specifications
From LS 4k - 18k
From LS 22k - 55k
From LS 75k - 160k
From LS 220k - 450k

Reversing Contactor 3 Phase Open & Enclosed


AEG Mini Contactors

mini contactor starters from LS05-B05
mini LS05-B05 general purpose 20A
mini LS05-SH05-B05 dimensions
mini relay positive guided SH05
mini relay positive guided SH05 16A
mini LS05-LS07
mini starters LS07 with B05 overloads
mini LS07

contactors DC Mill Duty Contactors

DC mill duty info
DC mill duty part number code
DC mill duty reversing mechanical interlock
DC mill duty series LD_DC
DC_mill duty 50A-600A 1-2_pole
contactors Definite Purpose Contactors 100As  

Lighting Contactors

30A-90A, 20A-60A, 227VAC


Vacuum Contactors

vacuum schematic
vacuum schematic 7.2 series
vacuum HVCS-7.2-12.1
vacuum 7.2kv-12.1kv


Technical Specifications

  • 16 through 1250 Amps
  • Fractional to 900 HP
  • Three or four power poles
  • UL, CSA, and CE compliant


  • Conservative rating HP vs Amps for longer life
  • Integral or snap on auxiliaries
  • Permanent air-gap notch in "E" magnets
  • High ambient to 60°C
  • 10,000,000 operations mechanical life
  • 1,000,000 operations electrical life
  • Strong spring loaded din mount mechanism


  • Wide range coils, greater protection on low voltages
  • Exceeds all IEC current ratings
  • Meets and/or exceeds all NEMA current ratings
  • Approved for critical safety applications
  • High current switching-small footprint
  • Drop in replacement for all IEC brands

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