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SH04 Positive Guided Control Relays
16 amp, 4 pole

SH08 Positive Guided Control Relays
20 amp, 8 pole


SH5 Mini Relay Specifications

SH5 Mini Relay Specifications Page 2

SH5 Mini Relay Specifications Page 3

Positive Guided Min Relays

SH05/LH05 Overload Mini relays

SH5 Positive Guided 20A Relays

SH05 Positive Guided 16 A Mini Relay







Technical Specifications
-600 volt rated
-16 or 20 Amp
-4 through 10 poles
-Voltage tolerance:
-25% to +10% on AC coils
-15% to +10% on DC coils
-UL, CSA, & CE compliant

-Din rail or panel mountable
-Positive guided contacts
-100% stainless steel springs
-30,000,000 operations
-Add on poles, timers, and latch kits

-Positive guided for safety circuits
-Wide range coils, greater protection in low voltages
-Wide temperature range to 60
-Field flexible with add-ons
-Compact design saves space


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