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BD 5936 - Back e.m.f. monitoring
BH 5932 - Proximity Sensor Monitoring

Back e.m.f. Monitoring - Description

Model BD 5936 has been designed to detect standstill conditions on 3-phase squirrel cage or slip ring motors and single phase asynchronous motors. It measures the induced back e.m.f. of the disconnected motor on 2 terminals of one stator winding. When this voltage has dropped to near zero the BD 5936 detects motor standstill and energises its output relay. In addition, BD 5936 monitors the connections to the motor for broken wires on terminals Z1, Z2. If line breakage is detected, the output relay contacts latch into the de-energised position as when the motor is running. On version BD 5936 this condition can only be reset by disconnecting the power supply to the unit. Version /001 will auto reset when the fault is cleared. When correctly interfaced to Dold safety relays and a positive break solenoid locked safety gate switch, these units will enable a safety circuit to be designed for applications up to category 3.

Connection Diagram

connection diagram


BD 5936.17  


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  • Monitors the back e.m.f. generated by 3- phase and single phase induction motors.
  • Broken wire detection on monitoring circuit.
  • Positive guided output contacts - 2 N/O, 2 N/C
  • Compact 45 mm wide DIN rail mounted case
  • AC or 24V DC auxiliary supplies
  • Galvanic Isolation of input to Auxiliary Supply
  • /001 Special version for AC drive applications
  • Download the datasheet


BH 5932.22  
bh5932 Features
  • Monitors motor speed or standstill via two standard PNP or NPN proximity sensors.
  • Adjustable multirange versions, /001 (NPN), /011 (PNP)
  • Broken wire detection on monitoring circuits
  • Redundant positive guided output contacts - 2 N/O, 1 N/C
  • LED indication of output relay status and input channels
  • Compact 45 mm wide DIN rail mounted case
  • AC or 24V DC auxiliary supplies
  • Download the datasheet





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