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We declare that the products listed below conform with the relevant requirements of the European Machinery Directive (89/392/EEC and 93/44/EEC), the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EWG and the EMC Directive. EN 50081-1-2, EN50082-1-2, 89/336/EWG.

Safety Module

Product Type Standards Approvals pending ()
Emergency Stop Modules    
BN 5983 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, UL/CSA, TÜV, SA
BN 5930.48 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG
BN 5930.48/204 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG
BD 5987 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, UL/CSA, SA
BG 5925 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG
BD 5935.48 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
BO 5988 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, UL/CSA
BL 5931 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
BN/BL 5927.45 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG
BE 5982.02 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
BG 5924.48 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG
BD 5934 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
Extension Modules    
BN 3081.63 EN60204-1,prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
Time Delay Modules    
BA 7924 IEC255, VDE 0435 UL
IL/IN 7824 IEC255, VDE 0435  
BA 7905.82/020 IEC255, VDE 0435  
Gate Monitors    
BD 5985N EN60204-1, prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
BN 5986 EN60204-1, prEN954-1 BG
2-Hand Safety Relays    
  EN60204-1, prEN954-1  
  EN60204-1, prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
Standstill/Speed Monitors   BG
  EN60204-1, prEN954-1 BG, (UL/CSA)
  EN60204-1, prEN954-1 BG





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