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The safety Switch NE 5020 is suitable to detect the closure of safety gates, sliding gates and removable covers. They are especially suited to tough ambient conditions, or for use in hygienic areas. The required control unit is the BG 5925/920 (formley BG5920)

The safety switch NE 5020 includes a magnetic coded transmitter and a decoding receiver. The semiconductor outputs close when the receiver recognises the correct code from the transmitter. The control unit detects cross faults on the switch circuits 14 & 24, and will shut down on detection of a fault.
The switch is protected against short circuit and peak voltages.
NE 5020  
  • 2 Channel system
  • Switching distance: 6mm (on) 10mm (off)
  • Safety Cat 4 when used with BG 5925/920 (formley BG5920)
  • 2 N/O semiconductor outputs providing redundancy
  • Magnetically coded, providing security
  • Open ended connection wires or optional M8 or M12 connector
  • Up to 50 Million operations
  • Easy to mount
  • Vibration resistant
  • Insensitive to external magnetic fields
  • IP 67 rated
  • LED indication
  • Datasheet




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