Mayfran Chip Conveyor Accessories

To create a complete chip and coolant management system at the machine tool in a compact package, high-pressure coolant systems and coolant filtration options can be integrated with the chip conveyor or coolant tank. This approach offers significant advantages in floor space and ease of implementation compared with stand-alone systems from multiple vendors, and can significantly boost your machining productivity and quality.


High pressure coolant systems integrated with chip conveyor or ConSep® and MagSep® systems help increase speed in cutting, milling, and drilling operations while enhancing product quality by keeping tools and workpieces cool and removing chips quickly. Integrating the high pressure coolant system with the chip conveyor incline or coolant tank saves on floor space and eases installation.

Designs are available in constant or variable speed or pressure to suit a wide range of applications. Various filtration solutions, including the AT-Cleaner Coolant Filtration system, provide for filtration to 10-15 microns, increasing coolant, pump and tool life while improving machining accuracy and part finish.



The AT-Cleaner coolant filtration system offers advanced cleaning for water-soluble coolants using a proprietary hydraulic centrifugal separator that is media and maintenance-free. The media-free design offers for significant savings on consumables and downtime versus typical bag filters. The cleaner coolant, to 10 micron nominal, increases coolant, pump, and tool life while improving part accuracy and finish.

A coolant cleaning and high pressure coolant system integrated with the chip conveyor and coolant tank can reduce floor space and piping requirements, saving costs and adding additional convenience.

The AT-Cleaner can also be used to continuously clean a portion of the water-soluble coolant to remove fine particulate and reduce the PPM. The AT-Cleaner Side Stream Package can be retrofitted to any existing conveyor.

For hard or abrasive applications, the Hard Turn package can be applied to any conveyor. The conveyor bottom pan, tracks and other potential wear items are heat treated or made from abrasion resistant steel to greatly reduce wear and will extend the conveyor life.


Mounted to the coolant tank to remove tramp oil in water-soluble coolants, increasing coolant life and improving performance.


A chiller maintains constant coolant temperature, resulting in reduced dimensional variation in the work piece.


Mounted to the conveyor discharge, an air knife removes chips that might stick to the conveyor belt and jam the conveyor or migrate to the coolant tank.


Variable Speed Drive – Adjust to minimum speed for sufficient chip removal and reduce coolant losses.

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