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M1030-P10 MINI PLM

The M1030 works in conjunction with a resolver (coupled to the drive train, providing press position), and up to 8 tonnage sensors (mounted on press load bearing members, for example press columns).

As the press ram (slide)moves from top dead center (TDC), all sensors are automatically zeroed to account for any drift. Then from 60 to 240 degrees of the press stroke, tonnage values are read.

This data is referred in the M1030 PLM as the "current"profile. From 240 Degrees to 360 degrees this "current"profile is compared against a "Reference"profile to check if the "Current"profile is within preprogrammed limits and the appropriate outputs are activated by the time the press reaches top dead center as necessary.




The low cost MINI-PLM M1030-E measures load or tonnage on a press by using strain gages mounted on load bearing members, such as press columns.

The M1030-E compares the measured load against user programmed limits for press protection,

Die Protection and for Process Trend. If the measured load is outside the programmed limits the MINI-PLM de-energizes the appropriate control relay, which can be used to stop the press, warn the operator and/or signal a supervisory control.

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