The M1151-M10A is a multi-turn programmable decoder. It takes position input signals from a multi-turn resolver like Autotech's RL210 which is mounted on the adjusting screw of the ram.

The M1151-M10A decodes the resolver signals using a highly noise resistant ratiometric decoding technique, scales the digital data based on it's calibration, and displays it on the front panel.The displayed data is also available to PLC/remote display through a digital position port.


M1150-M10, on the other hand, is a semi-absolute position decoder. It uses a single turn resolver, such as the RL100.The single turn resolver makes several turns over the permissible Shut Height adjustment.

The M1150-M10 maintains the resolver turns internally, decodes resolver position within a turn, and scales them to display accurate shut height. Since turns count is maintained on nonvolatile memory, it is not lost during power loss. Also, if resolver movement is within half a turn, the M1150-M10 will maintain accurate shut height when power is restored.



The MINI-PLS consists of two parts, one being a linear transducer mounted on the machine and the other, a programmable unit mounted in the machine control panel.

The position signal is scaled and displayed on the front panel.


M2020 / M2022, Die Set

Autotech is proud to introduce the DieSet, series M2020. The DieSet is a fully automatic state-of-the-art Shut Height controller that makes the task of die change-over quicker and easier. Set-up parameters for up to 255 dies can be programmed in the M2020.

At die changeover, simply select the die number, press the start button and the DieSet will automatically position the die to the preprogrammed shut height. Typically, the 2020 pays for itself within the first few months of operation. M2020 supports single action press, while M2022 model is used for dual action presses.

The M2020 reads die position from a position transducer (a Resolver or Linear Rod) and automatically activates the proper outputs to adjust the shut height to the proper preprogrammed position. Additional outputs are activated if travel limits or other certain faults occur.

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