Programmable Limit Switches

  • Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) at the cost of cam/limit switches
  • Detachable operator interface for program security
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Programmable production rate counters
  • Fine tuning in motion
  • Programmable zero offset
  • more on the 1020-PLS



While retaining the key features and high-standards of other AVG Automation products, the M1050 combines 10 power outputs, fault detection and indication, eight user­defined PLS programs, and simple, easy-to-learn programming, in one compact unit with a NEMA 12 front panel. In addition, each of the eight PLS programs supports up to 80 ON/OFF setpoint pairs for 8-channel units, or 160 for 16­channel units, which may be used in any combination per eight output channels.

more on the 1050-PLS

M1025-P10 PLS

The M1025-P10 consists of two parts, one being a position transducer(resolver) connected to the machine drive train and the other a programmable unit mounted in the machine control panel.

The resolver produces an analog signal proportional to the shaft position that is converted to digital format by a ratio-metric converter inside the programmable unit.

This position is then displayed on the front of the PLS panel and compared to the dwell setpoints programmed into it. When the process cycle reaches these set-points, outputs are enabled or disabled, resulting in starting or stopping desired functions during the cycle.

M1056-P10 PLS

The M1056-P10 works in conjunction with a resolver (a position sensor) mounted on press drive train.

The M1056-P10 decodes resolver signals, and turns 16 PLS outputs on and off based on user programmed set points.

The unit has 8 built-in, field-replaceable relays for 8 of the 16 outputs with choice of electromechanical or solid state relays.

M1500, PC PLS

The Pc PLS with its 3 processors allows distributed processing of logically independent tasks. A robust resolver mounted to the press drive train senses the press position.

The PLS processor gets its' position information from a noise resistant, ratiometric resolver decoder. The PLS then controls PLS outputs based on the programmed position limits, with microsecond repeatability. In addition it provides motion and fault relay outputs.

The PLS provides 16 PLS outputs, 10 of the 16 outputs are fed to the PLC processor internally for inputting machine timing/angle information. The other 6 are high speed direct PLS outputs.


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