DM7 InterBus Resolver Decoder

AVG's DM7 resolver decoder offers InterBus interface option.The DM7 uses a single turn resolver such as RL100, as position transducer and decodes resolver signal up to 4096 counts per turns.The DM7 makes this information available on the interbus.

Single turn resolver decoder
Bright LED for position & RPM display
Interbus interface
Programmable resolution & offset


1855D InterBus Display

AVG's 1855D offers 3 & 5 digit dsiplays for use on the Interbus.The displays provide bright red 0.56"7-segment LED display.

BCD to seven segment panel display
5 digits, .56" high, bright LED display
Rugged metal enclosure
Interbus interface
100% solid-state construction

RL210 InterBus Resolver

AVG offers the RL210 resover with Interbus interface. The RL210 has two geared resolvers (128:1).The decoded position from the two resolvers is put on the Interbus.

Robust dual resolver
17 Bits of decoded information
Ideal for shut height applications
InterBus interface

RL220 ModBus Resolver

AVG's RL220 resolver combines two single turn resolvers in one package.The two 1:1 geared resolvers effectively provide the same information (i.e. shaft position).The signals from one of the resolvers are brought out as such, while the signals from the other resolvers are decoded and placed on the Modbus+.

Two single turn resolvers in a package
Straight resolver & ModBus+ ouputs
Used for redundancy in press applications

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